Want to know how to reduce your monthly hydro bill by at least 70% without any conservation measures???

Just follow these simple instructions:

1.  Move to Quebec! 

Based on a monthly use of 1000 kW the average bill for an Ontario resident is $226.03!

In Quebec for the same number of kilowatts the average bill is $67.89?

That's 70% lower than Ontario.

Don't speak French?? Then go to option No. 2.

2.  Move to British Columbia: 

While maybe British Columbia will be more suitable, as English is spoken there but Chinese would be an asset.

The average monthly hydro bill for 1000 kW is $89.12 that’s 61% lower than Ontario.

Don't want to move so far??? Go to option 3.

3. Move to Manitoba

How about Manitoba?? English spoken there and the average hydro bill for 1000 KW is $81.09 or 64% lower than Ontario.

This huge price disparity is due to badly mismanaged and misguided energy policies of the present Provincial government, all the while rewarding their friends and foreign investors with your money.

And this is only the beginning, the Provincial Government has stated there are lots more rate hikes to come.

These high energy costs are one of the main reasons that industry can't compete and good paying jobs are leaving Ontario. 

Thank You Premier Kathleen Wynne