Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)
Expanding the Empire
These NPCA illustrations A and B indicates that the NPCA desires to bring places like Port Dalhousie and any property within 250 meters from water under the direct control of NPCA
NPCA Illustration A
NPCA Illustration B
At 250 Meters from water
Port Dalhousie comes under the control of  the NPCA
The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority persecuted the property owner for 15 years at a cost to the owner of $97,000.00.

The NPCA LOST their persecution at a cost to the Taxpayer of $Hundreds of thousands! The NPCA does not care what the costs are to the taxpayer, as long as they can capture the fines associated with their squalid persecution.

Now the property owner is rightfully demanding financial restitution...
Even at the current setback for NPCA Control, the Conservation Authorities in Ontario have a strangle-hold on our future, never mind doubling their power over 'Private Property'.

Of the mere 13% property in private hands the NPCA is hell bent on controlling all of it.

The most evil weapon in the NPCA arsenal is their use of the words of Provincially Significant Wetlands (PSW), which to the NPCA transposes into FPW(Financially Significant Wetlands)

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