Court rules against Hamilton in mailbox battle...

Justice Alan Whitten outlined a comprehensive list of legal reasons Thursday to declare the bylaw "inapplicable and inoperative," putting an end to unprecedented municipal rules requiring Canada Post to obtain a $200 permit for each so-called "super-mailbox."

Interesting that the Bureaucrats of Hamilton, Ontario pass bylaws supposedly giving Hamilton rights to defend its property against the crown and even to levee any amount of fines and charges.
But the same Bureaucrats of Hamilton,Ontario give themselves the same power, a power that they rail against when it comes to Canada Post, and uses that same power to bully 'Private Property Owners', who actually hold the protection of a Crown Instrument known as a Crown Land Patent.

According to Matthew Van Dongen of the Hamilton Spectator: If the decision stands, it will also kill a series of provincial offences charges laid against the Crown corporation and its subcontractors.

It appears increasingly likely that Property Owners of Ontario will be forced into an major and expensive lawsuit to defend their property rights as provided for by the Crown Instrument known as a Crown Land Patent.

Let's hope that bullying bureaucrats learn to "do unto others...