Details of the Willie Wakulich Story

A Vendetta Extraodinaire
Notice ruble barrier
for Island Expantion
City's Black Doted Line Denotes City Attempt to Claim Territory
Property Line Outside Shoreline Protection
City supplied photographs
Willy Wakulich 9 Pine Street
    2010 Aerial View of Martindale Pond
showing four-fold backfill of Henley Island
Henley Island
Martindale Pond  1934
Neighbor clear cut. Nothing left but stumps
Neighbor cement & timber construction
Neighbor cement block  swimming pool barrier on bank brow
Neighbor docks
Neighbor construction 15 feet from stone lined Brow
Neighbor additions to brow and stairs
Neighbor docks and construction
Neighbor construction 
15 feet from  brow
Rowing Corporation allows their
property to erode due to their motor boats
"Do as we say - Not as we do"
Fisheries and Oceans, Ministry Natural Resources,
Ministry of the Environment, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Royal Henley Rowing Corp., City of St. Catharines, Region of Niagara, etc.
The Problem has nothing to do with the fact that the Rowing Corporation and City of St. Catharines has successfully created an extraordinary treasure in the form of a world class rowing sport facility.

Its not even the fact that the world class rowing sport facility must be protected.

Few, if any, had or has a modicum of problem with Henley Rowing.

The exact problem lies in the fact that someone has orchestrated a decades long vendetta against a single citizen.
Widen Bridge & Road, dump a thousand tons of ruble on 'fish habitat'
    What? No    
environmental assessment
or engineering report!
And no $2700.00 fee to the NPCA!
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The only 'FISH HABITAT' found was located
at the Willie Wakulich property 9 Pine Street
Rennie Island
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Pan AM Known
since 2010
Not one of these 'Cash Burning' agencies, including "Fisheries and Oceans, could be bothered to investigate the source of the toxins that poisoned Martindale Pond and killed resident swans!
Whatever you do, DO NOT count on the fact that you have obtained a City permit for your project!

You may be charged with failing to obtain another permit from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

If you do get a permit from the NPCA maybe it would be a safe idea to check requirements for permits with all government agencies to protect yourself!

Some municipalities have a new concept. They make you jump through hoops to please them costing you thousands of dollars and then turn you over to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority who will then take you to accourt for your transgressions.

You will pay $thousands for a lawyer to lose your case and $thousands more in court fines.

There is never a thought to fine the department that gave the permission permit.
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What was learned from the decade and a half vendetta against one innocent citizen?

We leaned that a decades long vendetta creates a hell-of-a-lot of paperwork!

We learned that 'they' flew airplanes over the victim's property for photographs!

We learned 'they' knowingly used a snitch form accross the rowing course to bear false witness in court!

News Alert!

Where is the proof of City Ownership?

Is 9 Pine St. the only fish habitat loss?
Fisheries & Oceans claims no harm done by infilling dozens of hectares
Does many hectares Stone Rubble and back-fill not count as fish displacement?
Every factual word of Stuart Niven’s efforts is to use the weight of Canada’s ‘Fisheries & Oceans’ to involve the agency in a squalid vendetta.

Every factual word of Stuart Niven’s efforts is to steer the agency to shamelessly use our court system to abuse a single citizen.

Every factual word of Stuart Niven’s efforts flies in the face of ‘consistent and even-handedness’ considering the many transgressions blatantly and obviously being perpetrated on the ‘Fish Habitant’ of ‘Martindale Pond’.