Dateline June 15, 2015

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority's CEO/Treasurer seems to have lost faith in the Niagara Regional Government's lawyer Mr. Mickey Cruickshank, considering the fact that CEO/Treasurer Carmen D ‘Angelo made the unilateral decision to hire one of the most expensive international law firms (Gowling) out of Hamilton, Ontario only to lose their expensive appeal against a single City of St. Catharines urban private property owner/citizen Mr. Willy Wakulich.

But hey! A $100,000.00 wasted legal cost on backs of our overburdened Niagara Taxpayer pales in comparison to the settlement the taxpayer will have to dish out for the pending lawsuit against this arrogant empire building "so-called" conservation authority.

Then again we taxpayers will suffer the $multi-million settlement for the NPCA's sordid attack on the White Family of Fort Erie.

The genesis of the whole stinking mess Ontario Citizens now face rests upon the fact that bureaucrats and their political masters have taken to breaking the Law. Nowhere in The  Conservation Authorities Act is there permission for anyone to do as they please on private property

Check out the linked extraordinary stories to assess for yourself the astounding damages the NPCA has wrought on innocent Niagara Citizens and all in an squalid effort to use our court system to extort money and confiscate a citizen’s rights.

And do you know who is responsible for all this abuse of innocent Niagara Citizens who are being treated worse than violent criminals?

Answer: The members of the Board, that's who and you can find out who they are HERE!

Danger! Donkeys at Work!