Pictured above from left is, Dave Hemingway, Marlene Black, Bob Pattison, of the new Ontario West Coast Landowners Association, Len Harris, retired Senator from Queensland Australia, Joan Seeley, from New Brunswick Landowners Association, Tom Black, President of the Ontario Landowners Association and Jack, who is former President of the Ontario Landowners Association.
Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) held their Annual General Meeting On Saturday October 24th in Tyrone, Ontario.
OLA Members present were treated to great presentations from the like of Ontario PC Leader of the official opposition who laid out his determined mission to correct the current conduct of the Liberal Socialist Regime of Premier Kathleen Wynne.
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Our keynote Speaker John Robson, of the Documentary 'Magna Carta' Fame did not disappoint with his personalized historical recital regarding the people who fought so valiantly to deliver us our rights and freedoms.
Mr. Robson made both of his excellent DVDs available.
John Papdakis BA. gave a very informative and illustrative presentation on the unconstitutionality of the Wynne regime's new Automated Monetary Penalty System
Mark Tijssen presents the Landowner Special Recognition Award to Bob Weirmeir and Karen Weirmeir (not pictured). Bob and Karen are from the Saugeen Regional Landowners Association.
Frank Burke accepts Landowner Group of the Year on behalf of his chapter, the North Renfrew United Landowners Association, from Mark Tijssen.
Len Harris, former Senator from Queensland Australia brought forth valuable information on commercial liens.
Liz Marshal spoke following the dinner about the Green Energy Act. She has written a paper on this topic which is available from our website. http://store.ontariolandowners.ca/green-energy/.

The new executive, elected at the morning session, are as follows: Tom Black, President, Jeff Bogaerts, Vice-President, Governors: Duane McKinley, Donna Burns, Karl Von Bloedau, Mark Tijssen, and Bob Weirmeir. Liz Marshall and Karen Bainbridge continue in their roles as secretary and treasurer, respectfully. A new role was established, that of Administrative Assistant to the Executive. Shirley Dolan will fill this role. Tom extended his thanks to past Governors, Albert Kealy, Bill O’Brien, and Shirley Dolan.
To all of our members, especially the members asking pertinent questions regarding the annual OLA board meeting held on October 24, 2015 in Tyronne, Ontario.

The notice I received, (as shown below), did not indicate that there would be a morning session board meeting... arriving the day before and frittering away the next morning is not my style...

Therefore I have an excuse for not being able to answer questions such as:

Board Members and/ or board members present at the meeting?

Financial statements, including dispersments?

Or anything else regarding the decisions made at the board meeting?