Report on  Conservation Authority Corporations
All Conservation Authorities are Corporations

CA refuses 3 times to supply information after demanding a $600 Fee for a FOI!

CA refuses hundreds of requests for assistance from official manager/owner of a PSW!

CA uses courts to abuse innocent citizens!

CA Destroys legal businesses!

CA destroys farm by flooding it then asks farmer to pay $50K fine and demands 82 year old widow to be jailed for two years predicated on farming WETLAND. Bench chastised CA for using courts to abuse citizens! Case has been litigated. Region’s Lawyer Fired. Settlement under review!

CA and MNR unable to keep their lies coordinated!

CA Takes uses perjurers and criminals as witnesses in court!

CA Determines wetland by subterranean water connection!

CA Denies CA victim access to CA Board!

CA Determines wetland by woodlot puddles remaining for ‘some time’!

Ca continually using extortion to acquire Land and/or Money!

CA Continually trespass on private property! Click Here

CA Costing Property Owners $hundreds of thousands in fallacious fines and fees!

CA Using Taxpayer Money, lawyers and resources to abuse Citizens!

CA abusing their own rules and regulations at will!

Inconsistent application of CA rules and regulations!

CA deletes and alters official minutes of meetings!

CA Attacks citizens for the same transgressions committed by CA!

CA cutting the heart out of publicly owned woodlots and selling to cash-in!

CA Using phony floodplain rules applied to deliberately diminish land value and hold up development for decades!

CA proclaiming their authority to confiscate private property rights!

CA CEO calls property owners corrupt and ‘Land Patent Grant’ worthless!

CA CEO spews 3 lies for 1 truth!

CA using taxpayer money to build commercial structure/businesses to compete and close down Private Enterprise!

CA  accepts $millions from an industry piling a 30 meter mountain of carcinogen waste only 34 meters from major and historic navigable waterway! More

Under the watchful eye of the CA, 11 of our 24 beautiful beaches are posted for pollution!

CA claims jurisdiction everywhere accept where there is a serious toxic dump!

CA withholds pertinent information from Board of Directors and funding municipalities.

CA and municipalities involved in Malicious Prosecution*

Responsibility for CA conduct in order prominence:      1. Ontario Government
2. Funding Municipalities
3. CA Board of Directors






* Bob Mackie Story

CA=Conservation AuthorityFOI=Freedom of Information PSW=Provincially Significant Wetland

The obvious intention is to apply Constraints
Conservation Authorities and Municipalities apply CONSTRAINTS as a means to extort money from victimized Property Owners.