The Perth County Sell-Out
Before there was a government in Ontario, before there was a Conservation Authority in Ontario and long before there were politicians and bureaucrats that seem oblivious as to who it was that passed on such a pristine and beautiful Ontario to this new and callous generation of know-it-alls that assume they are the be-all and end-all when it comes to saving our lands and property for future generations.

Considering the conduct of these inquisitors it has to be fair to ask just what kind of future generation do these inquisitors envision will inherit following their activities?

Could it be that the future generations will become no more than indentured servants paying rent-taxes on artificially diminished land surface.

Three couragous Property Owners standing against seriously flawed land use regulations
Francis R Weitzel
Arthur G Horne
William S Jeffrey
The Appellants
Please Note: Nowhere in the Planner's diatribe is there a stated Constraint protecting our food source or Private Property Owners Rights for future generations!
Conservation Authorities now controls 120 meters on each side of this stream and
are demanding 250 meters for a total of 500 meters of pristine Farmland
At the outset of the inquisition it was startling to learn that pretty little Perth County accepted at face value, unsubstantiated mapping from the four separate conservation authorities operating in Perth County.          Click HERE for Sound Recordings of Perth County Sell-Out   #1   #2

Startling because conservation authorities are well known for inaccurate mapping. They're known for faulty deciphering of satellite views of property and they are more than willing to slant there assessment, and their maps, to further their own ends. In fact the only thing that would satisfy a conservation authority is the incremental removal of property owners RIGHTS!

Director of Planning, Allan Rothwell, MCIP, RPP for the County of Perth pontificated for nearly an hour enlightening us as to the 'Land use Constraints' imposed on Private Property Owners.

Planner Rothwell pointed to the jurisdiction of the FOUR Conservation Authorities operating in the County of Perth, Ontario and to some of the constraints placed on the Private Property Owners, the very owners, who have so magnificently husbanded their private property and Lands in the first place and handeddown these magnificent lands, generation after generation to us, us who must cherich and protect, from all risks natural or human!

Without a hint of embarrassment, Planner Rothwell spieled off the following constraint headings:

   Provincially Significant Wetlands and adjacent lands plus ever increasing setbacks...
    Locally Significant Wetlands...
    Habitat of Endangered Species...
    Wildlife Habitat...
    Fish Habitat...
    Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest...
    Environment Sensitive Areas....
    Water Sources and Recharge Arias...

Make no mistake, contrary to the Perth County Planner's statement that he didn't think he was giving 'Carte Blanch' to the Conservation authority, he also pointed out that no matter what someone might think about CA power it was the rule and the only recourse was to Apply for permission from the CA!

For that reason it is safe to say that these headings WILL be used to box in Private Property Owners, impair farmer's ability to provide our food or even to participate in farming activities!

These headings give the Conservation Authorities enough latitude  to destroy Private Property Rights and even the ability for farmers to participate in providing our food! Example Click Here...

Perhaps it would be a good idea for Perth County Officials to read the Stories of the Niagara Landowners website. They will learn that none of the NLA stories are yet finished. They will learn that in some cases the stories are entering the 'Lawsuit' stage involving $millions.

They will also have the opportunity to learn exactly what the Conservation Authorities Act Allows
"How dispiriting it is when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from people who produce nothing – and your laws  protect them against you."
Finally, after 2:30 PM we got to here from the appellants. Mr. Horne to be exact. He had a list of about a dozen questions but it didn't seem to matter what he or the next appellant, Mr. Jeffery asked the answers all came down in the same banal manner.

Fortunately for all property owners the appellants had already included the following rejection of the county's plan to turn over the citizen's property rights inherit in Perth County's Official Plan...

When challenging the Perth County Charts, Planner Rothwell would repeatedly refer to the Conservation Authorities' boundary lines. This technique was repeatedly punctuated with referrals to the Ontario Government's official statement and the statement that this concept of turning the official plan over to the FOUR Conservation Authorities was appropriate. Planner Rothwell seems to have no objection when it comes to control over Private Property without permission and that it has been approved by Perth County Council as presented to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Appellant Mr. Weitzel made the point that the rules of the Conservation Act, the municipal Act and the Canadian Constitution were in conflict. He stated that he has issues with decisions made regarding his personal private property and possessions.

Appellant Mr. Horne stated the he was offended, that as a private landowner, he had to appear in this forum to defend his rights and the title to his land. He said he was offended by the various Conservation Authorities operating in Perth County have attempted to deceive Perth County Council and to use Council as a tool to alienate, encroach upon, and impair the private held land in the county without statutory authority. He went on on say he was also offended that the staff of Perth County (public servants) have been willing accomplices with the Conservation Authorities, even being enthusiastic cheerleaders in the fraud being perpetrated on the private landowners in this county. He charged the officials of deceit in tardy responses, hiding pertinent Mapping, last minute notices depriving the appellants the benefit of legal council.

Appellant Mr. Horne asked is there anything in the Municipal Act or Constitution Act that allows  anyone to alienate, encroach upon or impair private property, without consent?

Appellant Mr. Horne asked if the policy statement applied to 'private  lands'?
The learned OMB Chair stated, "It Does; whether they are privately owned or not!'

The third appellant Mr. Jeffrey said he was unaware of maps affecting his property until 2011. He pointed out that 2006 maps showed no wetlands on his property. He pointed out that subsequent mapping now indicates that his woodlot containing Maple Trees etc. has been turned into a 'Wetland' without surveying it. He informed the OMB the problem of the Conservation Authorities constantly changing the rules, which has the ability to wipe out pristine working farmland, is untenable and unacceptable. He correctly stated that the faulty mapping goes against Ontario's official statement as it pertains to agriculture.

Editor's Notes...
The total of the three appellant submissions directly infer conspiratorial collusion to deprive property owners of their rights by allowing regulating authorities the power to regulate agricultural out of existence, stop progress and cost property owners dearly in favour of the four Conservation Authorities!

Unfortunately it would appear that the Perth County Planner is trying to have the Conservation Authorities shoulder a great deal of his work load and to dodge the wrath of property owners when the hapless property owners come under the typical control of the Conservation Authorities. 

Predicated on courtesy, perhaps Property Owners should keep their Councilors continually apprised of  the conduct of the four Conservation Authorities starting with the compiled report on Conservation Authorities.

Don't forget to keep us informed of Conservation Authority Activities...

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